Becoming A Touring Music Photographer

This class is for photographers who already have a consistent career in Music Photography and are looking to take the next step and become a tour photogrpaher. This will be a full day of instruction and hands on shooting. You will need to provide your own camera and a laptop is not required but suggested.

The workshop will take place in two different places. Specific locations depend on the city.

  • The Classroom- aka a room with chairs tables and a projector
  • The Venue - a real concert venue, only we will have it all to ourselves

*Keep in mind, these may be one in the same depending on the city.

Daily Outline

Music Photography As A Lifestyle - Touring is a whole different ball game. There is a lot to learn after you learn photography, this is that*

  • Direction with Intention
  • Establishing, Maintaining, and Growing your Relationships
  • Knowing Your Artist
  • Working with your Artist on and off Stage
  • Roles/ Jobs of Touring Crew defined
  • Agreements / Licensing images
  • Living Life On The Road

A Venue As Your Office and Home- By this point you probably don't even notice the 100's and thousands of people at concerts. But there is so much more to a venue, learn how to make it your home and office.

  • Full Venue Tour - Backstage and Onstage
  • Day to Day Routine of Being on the Road
  • Scouting A Venue
  • Where/ When/ How to shoot Backstage
  • Portraits
  • All Access and What It Means
  • Where You Can and Can’t Shoot

Live Band Shoot - Just the photographers and the band. No security, no fans, no bottles being thrown at your face. This will be a bit more personal than the intermediate class and focus more on shooting from stage/ on stage.

  • Photographing Soundcheck
  • Boundaries
  • Dos and Don’t
  • Making Mistakes
  • Advantages of Shooting the Same Show 10’s of Times
  • Shooting on Stage and Backstage

Q & A With Crew - Sit down with at least five touring crew/ musicians who have been doing this for more than 10 years. It time to ask all those questions you never get the chance to ask. Learn the mistakes you don't want to have to make. We will teach you just what everyone does on the road.

Possible Crew:

  • Front Of House
  • Light Designer
  • Drum Tech
  • Drummer
  • Guitarist
  • Guitar Tech
  • Tour Manager
  • Production Manager

Post Processing & Workflow

  • What Makes A Good Live Photo?
  • Image Selection
  • Delivering Your Images To Your Client

Backstage Portrait Shoot

  • This Is A Fun One

The Important Computer Stuff

  • Group Critique practice
  • Backing Up Your Work Safely
  • Meeting Client Expectations
  • Selecting and Editing Images
  • Turning In Your Images

Even if you are just going to Day 2 - you are still invited to our Day 1 Pizza Party !