Concert Photography Level Up

This class is for photographers who already have experience with photography. You are expected to know your way around your camera. The goal of this class is to help you on your path to becoming a professional Music Photographer. This will be a full day of instruction and hands on shooting. You will need to provide your own camera and a laptop is not required but suggested.

The workshop will take place in two different places. Specific locations depend on the city.

  • The Classroom- aka a room with chairs tables and a projector
  • The Venue - a real concert venue, only we will have it all to ourselves

*Keep in mind, these may be one in the same depending on the city.

Daily Outline

The Business Of Music Photography - Adam will teach you everything he knows from over 10+ years of experience in the industry.

  • What is Music Photography?
  • Direction with Intention
  • Identifying and Creating Your Brand
  • Improving Your Style
  • Getting Hired
  • What Makes A Perfect E-mail
  • Creating Luck
  • Getting Paid
  • Maintaining and Growing your Relationships
  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Getting To Know The Venue- Shooting at a venue can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. My goal is to alleviate that for you as much as possible. You will be taken on a guided tour through the venue. No areas are off limits. Everything will be explained to you.

  • Full Venue Tour
  • Working With Security
  • Picking Up Your Photo-pass
  • Dealing With Day Of Problems
  • Stage Tour
  • Shooting From The Pit
  • Pit Etiquette
  • Photo shoots in other areas of the venue
  • Lens Choices

Live Band Shoot - Just the photographers and the band. No security, no fans, no bottles being thrown at your face. A variety of shooting locations and lighting situations will be practiced and reviewed together.

  • Pit
  • Front Of House
  • Audience
  • Sidestage

Q & A With The Band - Sit down with two touring musicians who have been doing this for more than 10 years each. It time to ask all those questions you never get the chance to ask.

  • What Makes A Band Like Your Image?
  • Do & Do Nots of Photographing an Artist
  • How To Contact An Artist
  • Anything you want!

Back to the classroom!

Post Processing & Workflow

  • What Makes A Good Live Photo?
  • Live Editing Examples
  • Image Selection
  • Delivering Your Images To Your Client

*At the end of Day 1 we will be having an hour long pizza party at the venue. A great chance to network with all the other photographers. If you are just going to Day 2 - you are welcome to join us as well!